Windows 11 brings features back to the taskbar in February update

The Windows 11 taskbar has already been the subject of a lot of complaints for leaving out very useful features. Microsoft has brought back some of them in the latest update, but they’re still not the most anticipated, much to the dismay of many.

In version 22000.526, released in the Beta and Release channels of the Windows Insider Program, Microsoft took great care in the Widgets. Now, you can put current weather conditions directly on the taskbar, as it was in Windows 10.

The button will be in the left corner with the icon and temperature, if the programs are centered on the bar, and the tools will open automatically when you place the mouse cursor.

Nice, but not exactly what a lot of people were expecting.

Several users have complained that they can no longer drag files to a shortcut on the taskbar and open them with that program. It was a simple resource, but it made the work of many people easier.

Microsoft is rehearsing their return, but it hasn’t been this time yet.

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