Windows 10 will only receive major updates once a year

The Windows 10 era is coming into its final years. The Microsoft released in November to update 21H2 for the users operating system , but also announced changes for the future. With the intention of aligning the news with Windows 11, from now on, the company will only release major Windows 10 updates once a year.

Confirmed in a Nov. 16 post on the official Windows blog , Microsoft has announced that 21H2 is the last major update of the year for the operating system. Therefore, the next one should only be launched in the second half of 2022. In addition, a naming change has also taken place to avoid confusion: from “Semi-Annual Channel” to “General Availability Channel”.

Even though it is vague in stating that it will maintain support for at least “one version” of the operating system until its ultimate end, the company has guaranteed 18 months of support for the 21H2 update from its release. Finally, the Education and Business versions of Windows 10 will receive 30 months of service and support.

For those who are concerned about this news, it is important to keep in mind that this is all referring to “major updates”, that is, small news can still appear from time to time to improve the operating system.

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