US announces on chips, PCs and lasers

The United States has launched a new package of sanctions against Russia, targeting the financial sector and exports of “state-of-the-art technologies” to the country. The new trade sanctions are intended to undermine the invasion of Ukraine, crippling the Russian economy and shipping items such as precision lasers, semiconductors, computers, sensors, and telecommunications and information security equipment.

According to the White House, the sanctions announced on Thursday are aimed at stifling imports of technological items “critical to a diversified economy and important to Putin’s [Russian president’s] ability to project power.”

This includes a package of economic measures to limit Russia’s maritime, air and defense forces’ access to cutting-edge technology manufactured by US companies and sold abroad. Any device that uses US-origin software or equipment will also be banned.

The US Commerce Department stressed that a number of allies would support trade and technology sanctions against Russia: the European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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