The other side of cheating: 2 types of cheaters that can benefit producers

There’s no denying that cheaters in video games are problematic . In addition to spoiling other people’s fun, they can jeopardize sensitive user data as they are able to access game APIs. However, some professionals in the games industry believe that cheaters have some use and can even bring benefits to developers.

Banning cheaters has never been and will never be the best solution to the problem. It’s no use removing a cheater from the game , if soon after he can just create another account for free and return to activities. Therefore, it is important to know the origin and motivations of these users in order to take the best possible measures.

With that in mind, during the 2022 Game Developers Conference (GDC), Clint Sereday and Nemanja Mulasmajic both former employees of Riot Games and co-founders of game security company Byfron Technologies listed the four types of cheaters in games: nickels , the egocentric , the thirsty to win , and the collectors .

In the presentation shared by ArsTechnica they explained how each of the cheaters acts , what their motivations are and how developers can benefit from these users’ actions. Details about each type of cheater can be found in the following lines.

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