TecToy Announces New Legends Core Console

As a surprise, TecToy announced the launch of Legends Core, a new console that promises to bring 100 games in memory and other news. The product already has a sale page on the manufacturer’s official website, for R$ 899, but there is no forecast when we will have stock or when pre-sales should start. Also missing some official information about the games and the console itself.

Judging by the round shape and the details in its casing and case, Legends Core is a simple reinterpretation of the console of the same name released abroad by manufacturer AtGames. Even the original logo is kept, on top of the device, along with the TecToy logo, and also on the disclosed box.

Some games mentioned and present in the catalog are Tetris, Aladdin, Bubble Bobble and Joe & Mac. A kind of ArcadeNet seems to exist, a subscription service with different price levels, which grants access to new games, as well as better quality of transmission and game time.

Legends Core came out in May of this year and in fact has 100 licensed games in memory, plus Wi-Fi or network cable connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity for controls, HDMI and USB 2.0 output. The product also comes with a traditional control.

The original manufacturer claims that the Internet connection allows you to “download, stream and share your games”. It is also compatible with Xbox and PlayStation controllers as well as other PC USB joysticks. Legends Core also lets you pause, rewind or save and load games where you left off.

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