Steam Deck runs Wii and GameCube games

The Steam Deck has impressed gamers and hardware enthusiasts alike for running even the most modern graphics demanding games like Control and Devil May Cry 5. However, Valve’s portable PC is also capable of running older games, including Nintendo classics. Wii and GameCube something the Switch itself still doesn’t do.

Because it is a computer rather than just a video game console, the Steam Deck allows the installation of other software in addition to the games from the Steam library. Among these programs are emulators, such as the famous RetroArch and Dolphin, which runs Wii and GameCube games.

This Saturday (13), Dolphin’s official Twitter profile posted a photo of the GameCube’s classic F-Zero GX, running on a Steam Deck through the emulator. It is likely that the project’s developers are working on a stable version of the software for Valve’s portable PC.

It is worth mentioning that, since last year, several teams responsible for creating emulators were already excited about the Steam Deck. One of Dolphin’s developers, known only as JMC4789, even talked about it in an interview with PC Gamer. “Everyone I know has high hopes for the Steam Deck right now,” he commented.

We still don’t know if Dolphin was installed directly on SteamOS from the Steam Deck based on Linux or if it was necessary to switch the operating system to Windows. In any case, Valve guarantees that there are no problems with downloading programs outside the Steam interface on the portable PC.

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