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Robotic evolution: Meet the amazing robots presented at CES 2023

Robots at CES 2023: During CES 2023 several incredible robots were announced, come and see the most interesting of them. Robots are used in many industries today, from complex industrial processes like car assembly to simpler tasks like window cleaning. They are useful for performing repetitive tasks and for hazardous work in harsh environmental conditions.

In addition, robots are also used for entertainment purposes such as in theme parks or live music shows. Robot technology is present in many aspects of our daily lives. Robots are being used to clean floors, vacuum and wash carpets, cook, monitor, and provide medical care, among other tasks.

These robots help to simplify and speed up processes that would require human time and effort. In addition to helping to improve the quality of life.

Robots at CES 2023

The main highlights of CES 2023 in the field of robotics were:

  • Aeo: It is a robot designed to help people perform daily tasks more efficiently. It comes equipped with an advanced artificial intelligence system that allows it to learn and adapt to the environment around it. It can also be controlled via a mobile app that allows users to control and monitor all of their activities. Furthermore, Aeo is designed with a built-in security system to protect people and the surrounding environment;
  • EBO X: This is a highly advanced robot designed to help people with domestic and professional tasks. It is equipped with artificial intelligence, voice recognition, motion detection, autonomous navigation, augmented reality display, and much more. The EBO X is capable of executing voice commands and moving around autonomously. Having an advanced navigation system that allows the robot to follow the instructions given by you;
  • BOCCO emo: Developed by the Japanese company Groove X that uses artificial intelligence to communicate. Meet family members, and answer questions. The robot has motion sensors, cameras, and microphones that allow it to capture sounds and movements and communicate with people. It also has facial recognition technology and can identify family members and display messages based on that.

Robots for transport

  • Yeti: It was introduced at CES 2023 as a four-legged robot that can walk, run, climb, and swim in difficult terrain. It has advanced sensors, including cameras, lidar, and altimeter, which allow it to avoid obstacles and respond to the environment around it. Yeti is designed to be used in surveillance, inspection, and exploration applications in harsh environments where drones and ground robots cannot operate;
  • Evar: Autonomous service robot with artificial intelligence. It is designed to help with everyday tasks such as cleaning, and cooking, as well as meeting the specific needs of its users. The robot is equipped with a 3D depth camera, computer vision, and sensors to map and navigate the environment. He also has a voice communication system, which allows users to talk to him.

Furthermore, at CES 2023, some of the most innovative robots were showcased. For instance, the Smart Home Robot Assistant is capable of performing basic household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and even playing music. Similarly, the Automated Pet Care Robot can be programmed to groom, feed, and even play with pets.

Additionally, the Autonomous Delivery Robot can be used to deliver food and other items to customers. Finally, the Autonomous Drone Delivery System is capable of providing deliveries to remote locations. Furthermore, advances in robotics also allow robots to be used in surveillance, inspection, and exploration applications. As well as for entertainment purposes, which enables us to enjoy more interesting and innovative experiences.

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