Review Edifier Hecate GM5: a TWS gamer

For some time now, Edifier has been betting all its chips on Bluetooth gamer headphones. In fact, within the segment, they still invest in a very specific and curious category, the TWS gamer. The Edifier Hecate GM5 is one of those models that recently arrived on the domestic market to join the GM4 Mini 1.

The Bluetooth headset bets on the design of the AirPods, won a case with LEDs, has Bluetooth 5.2 and, of course, gamer mode. Is it worth paying the almost 500 reais that the brand asks? Does it make sense to have a gaming headset? I tested the Edifier Hecate GM5 to answer these questions.

Design, comfort and case

Available in gray and white, the Edifier Hecate GM5 has the same shape as the AirPods, but the company has included the letters G and M on the cable to try to disguise (contains irony). Unlike the GM4 Mini 1, the GM5 doesn’t have that “light show” to prove it’s a gamer product and the case was in charge of reinforcing that. Therefore, the model will not attract attention on the street and the gray version, tested by Tecnoblog, is even more discreet.

The headphones are very light and fit in the ear without generating pressure or other discomfort. And it’s worth saying that it’s not just today that Edifier gets the design right. The GM5 gained IPX5 certification, an interesting protection for those who practice physical exercises frequently. It will stand up to sweat when you’re at the gym and a light rain won’t damage the product.

The case is the highlight of this model I’ve never seen anything like it. It is made of transparent plastic and inside there is another component that houses and powers the headphones. In the pictures it looks something beautiful and sophisticated. But plastic is extremely simple and appears to pick up scratches over time. Due to its simplicity, it actually feels fragile, so I would be careful when handling it. On the sides, the company has included a light strip that still helps to keep up with autonomy and there is a USB-C connection at the bottom for power.

The curiosities don’t stop there. To my surprise, Edifier sends a kind of rubber cover to protect the case. In the packaging you will also find a cord, which makes it possible to carry the accessory. Look, I’m quite surprised by the creativity of the brand.

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