Protecting Your Company from Cyber Attacks in 2024

Cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are an increasingly present and dangerous threat to businesses of all sizes and sectors. According to CNN data, Brazil recorded 31.5 billion attempts of cyber attacks on companies in the first semester of 2022, a 94% increase compared to the same period last year, with its 16.2 billion records.

In 2023, the situation was no different. The country suffered several incidents of information security, involving data breaches, phishing, ransomware, and other classic threats with new, more elaborate and personalized approaches according to the target. Among the victims were media companies, banks, and healthcare plans.

And what can we expect for 2024? Unfortunately, the trend is that cyber attacks will become increasingly frequent and complex, impacting various business areas. Therefore, it is essential for companies to prepare to protect themselves from these threats and minimize damages in case of incidents.

In this article, we will present some tips on how to protect your company from cyber attacks in 2024. Stay tuned!

1. Invest in Information Security Solutions

Cyber attacks

The first and most important measure to protect your company from cyber attacks is to invest in information security solutions that can prevent, detect, and respond to threats. Among these solutions are:

  • Antivirus: software that protects devices against viruses, malware, and other digital threats that can compromise the operation and integrity of data.
  • Firewall: a device that controls network traffic and blocks unauthorized or suspicious access.
  • VPN: Virtual Private Network that allows secure connection between remote devices and the corporate network, encrypting data and preventing interceptions.
  • Backup: data backup that allows recovery in case of loss or corruption by cyber attacks or other reasons.
  • EDR: Endpoint Detection and Response is a solution that continuously monitors endpoints (devices connected to the network) and identifies anomalous or malicious behaviors, being able to isolate or eliminate threats.
  • XDR: Extended Detection and Response is a solution that extends the concept of EDR to other domains of information security, such as network, cloud, and email, integrating data sources and providing a holistic view of threats.

2. Train Your Employees

Another essential tip to protect your company from cyber attacks in 2024 is to train your employees to be aware of risks and best practices in information security. Often, cyber attacks exploit human errors, such as clicking on malicious links or attachments, using weak passwords, or sharing sensitive information.

Therefore, it is important for employees to be trained and guided on how to avoid these errors and how to act in case of suspicion or confirmation of a cyber attack. Several aspects deserving attention include:

  • How to recognize and avoid phishing attempts (fake emails trying to steal data or install malware).
  • How to create and manage strong and unique passwords for each service or application.
  • How to use VPN to access the corporate network securely when outside the office.
  • How to back up important data and store it in secure locations.
  • How to update systems and applications with the latest versions and security patches.
  • How to report any incident or suspicion of cyber attack to the responsible department.

3. Monitor and Review Your Information Security Policy

Finally, another important tip to protect your company from cyber attacks in 2024 is to monitor and review your information security policy periodically. The information security policy is a document that defines the rules, procedures, and responsibilities related to the protection of the company’s data and IT resources.

It is essential that this policy be updated and adapted to technological, regulatory, and market changes, as well as to the needs and objectives of the company. Furthermore, it is necessary that the policy be disseminated and complied with by all involved, from top management to employees, suppliers, and partners.

For this, it is recommended that the company have the support of a team or a specialized company in information security, which can assess risks, implement solutions, monitor indicators, and suggest continuous improvements.

Cyber attacks are a reality that cannot be ignored by companies in 2024. They can cause financial, reputational, and legal damages, as well as compromise business continuity. Therefore, it is essential for companies to prepare to protect themselves from these threats and minimize damages in case of incidents.

In this article, we presented some tips on how to protect your company from cyber attacks in 2024, such as investing in information security solutions, training your employees, and monitoring and reviewing your information security policy.

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