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Protect your investment: Discover the reasons for using a screen protector on your cell phone and learn about the main models available on the market

The importance of screen protectors: Check out the main screen protector models available on the market and their advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, the cell phone is one of the most important objects in our routine. We use this device for various activities, from surfing the internet, making calls, taking pictures, accessing social networks and even working. However, due to its fragility, it is necessary to take special care to preserve its condition and prolong its useful life. In this sense, one of the most important measures is the use of screen protectors on cell phones.

The film is an accessory that can be found in different materials and models, such as tempered glass, polyurethane, and PET, and its main function is to protect the cell phone screen against scratches, scratches, and breaks in case of falls. In addition, it helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and grease on the screen. Which facilitates cleaning and improves the appearance of the device.

The importance of screen protectors

Check below the importance of screen protectors:

  • Protection against physical damage: As mentioned, the screen protector is responsible for protecting the cell phone’s screen against scratches and scratches. Which can compromise its operation and reduce its useful life. In addition, it helps prevent breakage in case of falls, which can save the device from further damage;
  • Appearance Improvement: Using a skin protector can also improve the appearance of the cell phone. That’s because, over time, the screen can accumulate fingerprints, dust, and grease, which makes viewing information more difficult. With the film, cleaning the screen becomes easier and the appearance of the device is preserved;
  • Preservation of cell phone value: Another important point is that using film can preserve cell phone value. When we sell a used cell phone, the condition of the screen is one of the points evaluated by the buyer. If the screen is scratched or cracked, the device’s sales value can be significantly reduced;
  • Reduction in maintenance costs: Using the screen protector can also help reduce cell phone maintenance costs. When the screen is damaged, it is necessary to take the device to a technical assistance center to repair. With the film, physical damage is reduced and, consequently, the need for repairs is less;
  • Comfort when using the cell phone: Finally, the use of film can also provide more comfort when using the cell phone. This is because some films have anti-reflection and anti-smudge layers. Which facilitates viewing the screen in environments with a lot of light and prevents fingers from sliding easily. Which can cause discomfort during prolonged use of the device.

Models available on the market

There are several models of cell phone screen protectors available in the market, each with its characteristics and benefits. Below, we list the main screen protector models to help you choose the most suitable option for protecting your device:

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector: Tempered glass screen protector is one of the most popular options on the market. It offers high resistance against impacts and scratches, in addition to maintaining the sensitivity of the cell phone’s touchscreen;
  • Polycarbonate Film: Polycarbonate film is another tough option to protect your phone’s screen. It is more flexible than tempered glass, which makes it easier to install. Some models have silicone layers to absorb impacts and protect the cell phone even more;
  • Hydrogel Film: Hydrogel film is a newer option on the market and is known for being extremely flexible and tough. It can adapt perfectly to the cell phone screen, avoiding bubbles or blank spaces. Additionally, the hydrogel film provides scratch and drop protection;
  • PET film: PET film is a simpler, more cost-effective option that still provides scratch and scratch protection. It is slimmer than other options and can be easily removed and replaced when needed. There are PET models with anti-glare and anti-smudge layers, which can improve the visibility of your cell phone screen;
  • Liquid Film: Liquid film is a newer option on the market and works as an invisible protective layer that is applied directly to the cell phone screen. It can fill in small scratches and existing scratches on the screen, as well as offer protection against further damage;
  •  Privacy Protection Film: The privacy protection film is an interesting option for those who want more privacy when using their mobile phone. It provides a layer of protection that prevents others from viewing the screen’s content from specific angles.


In conclusion, the use of film on the cell phone is an important measure to protect the screen of the device against physical damage. There are several models of skins available on the market, each with its characteristics and benefits. By choosing a suitable screen protector for your cell phone, you can extend the life of the device and ensure its safety during daily use.

However, it is important to remember that the screen protector is not a guarantee of total cell phone protection. Care must be taken when handling the device to avoid falls and shocks that could damage the screen. In addition, other protective measures, such as the use of protective covers and regular cleaning of the device, are also important to ensure the durability and proper functioning of the cell phone.

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