Positivo’s new smart camera rotates 360º and shoots in Full HD

Positivo Casa Inteligente has unveiled the second generation of the Smart Camera 360º Bot Wi-Fi smart camera . Announced this (25), the launch offers an expanded viewing angle to 135º and shoots in Full HD resolution (1080p). The security device also rotates 360º and transmits images to the cell phone and Echo Show.

The new gadget renews the Smart Camera 360º Bot Wi-Fi line, which competes with the Elsys rotational Wi-Fi camera. According to Positivo, the field of view angle of the second generation has increased from 120º to 135º. The company points out that the updated specification is ideal for “more detailed observation of a large area of ​​interest to the user, even with the camera stopped”.

The device offers other differentials to improve the footage. This is the case with infrared technology, which allows you to follow everything that happens in your home even when there is little light in the environment, and two-way audio. The camera still issues a notification to the user when identifying movements.

Positivo camera transmits videos on mobile

All camera administration is done through an application. By connecting the security equipment to a Wi-Fi network, the user can follow the live images directly from the cell phone. The second generation Smart 360º Bot Wi-Fi Camera also has a microSD slot of up to 128 GB to record videos.

The manufacturer also reports that the device can be integrated with Alexa , Amazon’s virtual assistant. That is, in addition to the smartphone, the user can also view the images captured by the security camera through products from the Echo Show line . The gadget also supports Google Assistant.

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