Popular site for downloading music from YouTube enters the crosshairs of record companies

Websites for downloading music from YouTube are recurring targets of copyright claims and lawsuits. Recently, the association representing US record labels started hunting for two more download portal one of them being very popular, with around 60 million monthly visits. The idea is to find the owners of the services and demand the disconnection of the domains.

Before going to court, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) asked Cloudflare an internet content distribution service to help locate the owners of two major sites that allow music downloads from YouTube: mp3download and 320ytmp3 .

While mp3download records a humble six million monthly visits at most, 320ytmp3 gets over 60 million users every month . The site’s popularity worries the RIAA, as all these people stop paying for songs to download them from YouTube.

In an email sent to Cloudflare on March 29, the association stated that the portals had violated several copyrights and needed to be shut down. An excerpt from the message read as follows.

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