Only now? Google Talk will be officially deactivated after 16 years

Whoever is alive always shows up, but this time it was just to say goodbye once and for all. After 16 years (almost 17), Google will officially deactivate its Google Talk  instant messaging service . Although still active, the resource was practically inaccessible.

The Google Talk chat application was released in late 2005 and continued to receive support until this year. Precisely,  the support goes until the 16th of June . It could still be used through third-party apps on services like Pidgin and Gajim.

However, starting this Thursday, anyone who tries to log in to Google Talk will receive an error message. Google recommends using Google Chat  as an alternative service.

Google Talk lasted about eight years as Google’s flagship quick messaging app. 
It was initially designed for quick conversations between Gmail contacts.

In 2013, Google began “retiring” the service, encouraging the use of new tools like 
Google Hangouts . In 2017, inclusive, the company  had already commented on this “retirement” and complete transition to Hangouts, in an official publication about updates to G Suite.

It’s curious to see how long Talk was active, since even Hangouts has already been replaced by Google Chat. It is also worth remembering that the old platform is not the company’s only recent low: the company recently closed Google Duo , which will have its features integrated into Meet in 2022.

AS tried and true as Google Talk is, it’s soon to be dead. Google just announced via a blog post that the service is going to end on June 16th. That doesn’t give people much time to switch over. In all honesty, there shouldn’t really be a large user base for this service.

We can’t deny that there will be some people left in the dark when the plug is officially pulled, but there are other avenues to take.

What was Google Talk?

Back in 2005, online instant message clients were all the rage as the internet was becoming more of a necessity. Google wanted a way for people with Gmail accounts to seamlessly communicate with one another.

This is where Google Talk came in. The service worked similarly to Google Chat. You would use your internet browser and log into your Google account. At that point, you’d send text or voice messages to other people in your contacts. It was one of the services that beat sending emails back and forth.

So, what next?

If you’re an avid Google Talk user, your days are numbered, unfortunately. However, if you don’t want to be left out of the loop, you can make the transition to Google Chat. It’s, obviously, a Google product, so you’ll most likely be able to communicate with others if they have a Google account.

You only need to go to the Google chat site, and you should be ready to go. If you want to use your phone to message, then you can just get the mobile app for the service.

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