Nescafé’s Dolce Gusto Neo has Wi-Fi to reward you “for every cup”

The concept of the connected home usually involves controlling appliances by voice or by smartphone. Nescafé’s Dolce Gusto Neo takes a different approach: it relies on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect and score each drink made with the machine.

The information is in the documentation sent by Nestlé to the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) for product approval. As it supports wireless connections, it needs to go through this bureaucratic step.

In the product manual, Nestlé gives instructions for pairing. You must have the Dolce Gusto app installed on your phone and follow the instructions until the white coffee maker icon is permanently white.

The brand says the app allows you to customize cups (presumably change the amount of water to make the result how you prefer) and repeat capsule orders with one click, in addition to giving points for each drink extracted.

You can’t control the coffee maker remotely, however not least because you’ll need to put the capsule in anyway.

An advantage is that the machine recognizes the beverage and automatically adjusts the amount of water needed for preparation. Even so, it is possible to stop the extraction before the end or turn it on again to make the coffee, tea or chocolate to your taste.

The Nestlé rewards program website says that you can buy capsules for as little as 220 points. Currently, customers earn points by registering a code that comes in the capsule boxes. It is not yet known what the score will be for each cup of Dolce Gusto Neo.

For now, the app is not available on Apple and Google stores. The manual’s QR Code takes you to a password-protected website.

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