Naruto arrives in Fortnite with Team 7 skins and Leaf Village map

Naruto Uzumaki and his Team 7 partners, including the fox Kurama arrive in Fortnite in an unprecedented event this (20). Among the special content are skins of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi, with different visuals for some characters. Players can also get unique gestures in addition to themed items such as scrolls, shurikens, kunai, and iconic weapons from the anime.

Most of Naruto’s items are available in the Fortnite shop to be purchased with V-Bucks the Battle Royale’s virtual currency. Equipment can be purchased separately or in pre-assembled packages. There are even unlockable rewards for Kakashi’s missions, which stay in the game until the end of the season, on December 5th.

Altogether there are seven visuals based on Team 7: Naruto Uzumaki, with variant of the Seventh Hokage; Sasuke Uchiha, with the Sword of Kusanagi pickaxe; Sakura Haruno, with variant of Sakura Uchiha; Kakashi Hatake, with a variant of the ANBU uniform.

There are also four accessories for the back: the Pakkun dog, the Demon Wind Shuriken, the Leaf Village Cloak and the Parchment. In addition, four different pickaxes are available for purchase, featuring Sword of ANBU, Kunai, Sword of Kusanagi and Scythe of Hidan.

The great nine-tailed fox, Kurama, arrives as a hang glider and follows the Shinobi Teamwork loading screen. Players can even get two new gestures: Summoning Jutsu and Pause for Lamen. Finally, in Kakashi’s missions, you can get Kunais with Explosive Paper to use against opponents in Battle Royale matches.

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