Motorola MA1 lets you use Android Auto in the car

You get in your car, leave the house, and halfway through you realize you can’t use Android Auto because you forgot the USB cable. It is to avoid this type of mishap that the Motorola MA1 exists. The new dongle offers an alternative to connecting to Google’s car platform wirelessly. Announced on Friday (7), the gadget will begin to be sold abroad at the end of the month.

The accessory marketed by SGW Global and licensed to use the Motorola brand is a solution for cars that do not support wireless connection. The device connects with the cell phone via Bluetooth by plugging the gadget into the car’s USB port. Then, the exchange of information between the smartphone and the car’s dashboard will be done through a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network intermediated by the Motorola MA1.

Motorola MA1 makes instant connection to cell phone

The entire process is carried out instantly. When starting the car with the dongle connected after pairing, the cell phone will be connected to the vehicle’s dashboard immediately to use Android Auto. And without the need to take it out of your pocket. Furthermore, the gadget resembles a Chromecast, as it is basically a small box with rounded ends and a USB-A cable on one side.

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