Megabox HDTV boasts 2,000 channels without internet

In a market where pay TV is expensive and streaming content is spread across multiple platforms, piracy has become an alternative chosen by many to watch movies and series. Some smarties take advantage of this interest, and the Megabox HDTV 4K is an example of a fake product that promises to broadcast 1,200 HD channels, anywhere and without internet.

This type of “product” usually floods the social media feed of many people, with ads that are beyond attractive. In the case of the Megabox HDTV 4K, Tecnoblog found two sites — one of them with a color palette that refers to the design of a large Brazilian retailer.

The product would have to be miraculous: how can a portable digital antenna give access to all channels without paying a monthly fee? It would be even better than a pirated IPTV TV Box, after all the Megabox does not require an internet connection.

Technically, this is not possible. To capture a satellite signal it is necessary to have an antenna positioned outside the residence, pointed towards the sky and connected to a decoder equipment.

Not what you see in the product photos. In practice, the Megabox is nothing more than an open TV antenna , with a BNC F connector (the one that screws on, you know?). The extra detail is a signal amplifier powered by a USB port instead of an electrical outlet. That’s all, nothing else.

Therefore, the Megabox does not require an HDMI port as pointed out in the ad, since it is not possible to connect a coaxial cable thread to this input. It is technologically impossible to have a TV antenna for HDMI it would be necessary to connect an external decoder, with remote control and its own interface.

A product like these can work to tune into open TV channels, including Globo, SBT, Band and Record. However, reception is not guaranteed and depends on the broadcasters’ signal coverage.

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