LG Evo G1 OLED TV: Picture in Style

Considered the brand’s most advanced OLED for the national market in 2021, the LG Evo G1 is a 4K TV for those looking for an immersive experience with style. Betting on an ultra-thin design, the new TV was developed to be installed on the wall or on the floor stand, without the possibility of placing it on the rack. LG says the G1 has gained a new panel that ensures vivid and sharp images.

It also delivers 4th generation Alpha 9 processor with WebOS 6.0 system, Dolby Vision and Atmos technologies , HDR10 Pro, HLG, 120 Hz refresh rate, four HDMI 2.1 ports are available and built-in speakers of 60 watts of power. Is it worth spending R$ 13 thousand on this device? I have used the LG Evo G1 for the past few weeks and share my review from now on.

Design, connections and remote control

By fleeing from the traditional, the user needs to pay attention to some structure details and know well how and where to install the TV. Unfortunately LG does not send the base to put the device in the rack, for example. So you need to decide whether to place the G1 on the floor stand, sold separately, or on the wall, which I prefer, in this case. The first option, it is worth emphasizing, makes the television occupy a considerable space in the environment.

Like the GX, the LG G1 is a TV with an ultra-thin and sophisticated design. It has an all-plastic finish, both on the sides, which brings a metallic detail, and on the back, which is simpler. The edges are slightly thin, but it’s nothing that might impress at first glance. The base, sold for R$ 2,699, is made of metal and makes the G1 look even more premium, but there is a catch.

LG created a space in this support to hide the power cord, but it is not completely hidden but organized, so to speak. Another problem I’ve identified is that this same wire is very short, so you need to plan well and see exactly where it’s going to be to be able to plug in the TV. In my opinion, a little more care was needed in this process, as we are facing a model that has a completely different configuration.

On the connections part, she doesn’t disappoint. LG offers four HDMI ports, all of them 2.1, three USB, a TV antenna input and an optical audio output. Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 5 complete the connectivity specifications. Support AirPlay 2 and integration with virtual assistant are other resources available, but I comment on them further.

Just like the 8K Nano96, the Evo G1 brings the Smart Magic controller with NFC that promotes mouse-like usability. I don’t think it’s the best solution and sometimes I have difficulty commanding it during the selection, but you get used to it. In addition to the traditional buttons, LG offers shortcuts from Netflix , Prime Video , Disney+ and Globoplay . There is also a button to launch Google Assistant and another to invoke Alexa . Just choose!

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