It’s for my TCC: TIM will be able to turn your project into a startup

Many startups are born at a university. Others get lost along the way due to lack of financial resources. But a program from Instituto TIM can give strength to university students who want to undertake: announced this week, the seventh edition of Academic Working Capital (AWC) will support ideas that aim to solve problems potentiated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Instituto TIM, the AWC has supported more than 160 projects since 2015, when the initiative was created. Together, they involved around 400 students from 47 universities across Brazil. More than 60 startups were created thanks to the program, which, in addition to financial support, offers guidance and networking.

AWC’s focus is to encourage the creation of startups based on Course Completion Works (TCCs). In the 2022 edition, students from any university course can participate, as long as some criteria are respected, among them, gender and race diversity in the group, in addition to the aforementioned targeting solutions to post-pandemic challenges.

The project can be directed to several areas, such as communication, education, mobility and health. The important thing is that the work manages to present technological or innovative solutions to the problem it proposes to solve.

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