Instagram reinforces fight against “reposts” from TikTok and other videos on Reels

Instagram announced news to give more importance to original content. The changes to the algorithm were announced (10) by the head of the social network of photos and videos, Adam Mosseri. The measure comes to combat the reposting of content from TikTok and other platforms on Reels.

The announcement came from a post on Twitter. According to Mosseri, the social network has gained improvements in the profile categories. The option to tag products in publications was released to everyone. The third novelty on the list is the “originality ranking”, as content creators “are very important to the future of Instagram ”.

The details of this update were revealed in a video published in the same tweet. Mosseri explains that “if you create something from scratch, you should get more credit than if you’re re-sharing something you found from someone else.” Therefore, the social network will do more “to try to value original content more, especially compared to republished content”.

So far so good: original content for Meta’s social network will be favored. In another tweet, Mosseri also said that the platform already does this, but that they are “leaning more in that direction”. So what has changed and why all this effort? That was the question asked by Matt Navarra , a social media consultant.

“As we get more dedicated to recommendations, it becomes increasingly important not to overvalue aggregators [of content published on other platforms] as that would be bad for creators and therefore bad for Instagram in the long run,” replied Mosseri.

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