Google Maps follows Waze’s footsteps and will show information about tolls

Tolls are expensive and, depending on the trip, can be one of the biggest costs. Therefore, it is always good to plan how this expense will be. Google Maps will help with that soon: the app is getting a feature that shows the total amount to be shelled out on the road, as well as suggesting free paths .

The news was announced by Google on Tuesday (5). The company says the app will gather reliable information gathered from local authorities.

In places where the toll price varies according to the day of the week or the time of day, this will be considered. Those who use automatic billing systems, such as the famous tags , will also see this value in the app, if it is different from the payment on the spot.

Google Maps even promises to show you a free route option whenever it’s available. It will also be possible to check the “Avoid tolls” setting to always receive the path that has no charge.

For now, the feature will be available on nearly 2,000 roads in the United States, India, Indonesia and Japan. Google promises to bring this information to Brazil soon.

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