Garmin launches fitness bracelet with pulse oximeter and Mi Band look

Garmin is well known for its high end sports equipment, but it decided to pay more attention to more affordable products. New is the Vivosmart 5 , a fitness bracelet with a Mi Band appearance and features such as heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen saturation.

The Vivosmart isn’t new to Garmin’s product portfolio, but the latest generation of the product, the Vivosmart 4, was released four years ago.

One of the differentials of the new model is the screen, which was 66% bigger according to the company. It’s 18.5mm tall and 10.5mm tall, with 154 x 88 pixels resolution.

The display is OLED and, from the publicity images, it appears to be monochrome the spec sheet says nothing about it.

The bracelet is able to monitor heart rate 24 hours a day and blood oxygen saturation, assess sleep quality with a detailed analysis with a score and count steps and calories burned.

The product does not have GPS , but the Garmin app can use your smartphone’s app to track outdoor activities such as running and hiking. On the smart side, it mirrors cell phone notifications and allows you to answer calls. The battery promises to last seven days on a single charge.

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