Galaxy S22 Ultra

Bets that Samsung will take the Galaxy Note line design to the Galaxy S22 Ultra became more concrete this Friday (31). On Twitter, Evan Blass (@evleaks) revealed an image promoting the future of the cell phone with the S Pen beside it. The smartphone is expected to be announced in early 2022.

The image shows a bronze colored cell phone. Starting with the pen, the accessory looks very similar to the Galaxy Note’s S Pen, which is more compact than the Galaxy S21 Ultra item to be stored in a space inside the smartphone. It also has a small rod at the top to be pulled out of the compartment.

The cell phone itself added several visual elements from the other family. This is the case for straight top and bottom parts like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The phone also has a screen with a hole to house the curved front and rear camera, as well as buttons to adjust the volume and to turn it on and off on the right side.

The photographic set is “scattered” in the upper left corner of the back, as the phone must not have a base to house them. The aesthetics that are a little reminiscent of the LG Velvet is given by the three cameras positioned in a row. Next to it, there is another camera, the flash and other sensors also aligned vertically.

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