Galaxy S22 passes endurance test

The Galaxy S22 was barely launched and already had to face a tough stop ahead: an endurance test. The durability of the Samsung device was put to the test with dips, scratches and bends. Afterwards, it underwent a dismantling to reveal its interior.

Testing and teardown was done by YouTube channel PBKreviews. The Galaxy S22 used is the standard model, the smallest in the family.

For starters, the device was underwater for a minute. When coming out of this dive, it continued to work perfectly a sign that the standard resistance IP68 works.

The video also features a scratch test on the screen and back. It follows the Mohs scale pattern, where ten different types of materials are used to scratch a surface, going from least to hardest.

Gorilla Glass Victus+ has deep marks at level eight. The same goes for the back, even with some small signs at levels four and five. It is worth noting that the fingerprint reader on the screen continues to work even with the scratches.

The edges are made of metal and get scratched when passing a stylus, with the exception of a small piece made of plastic, where the 5G antenna is likely to be. The display glass, however, is intact when using the blade, and the same goes for the cameras. The area of ​​the cameras, made of metal, is scratched with some ease.

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