Galaxy M62 is updated to Android 12 with One UI 4.1 in Brazil

The wait is over: Samsung has started releasing Android 12 for the Galaxy M62 . According to reports from cell phone owners, the update appeared in Brazil on Monday (4). In addition to the new version of the operating system , the update reaches users with One UI 4.1 , new privacy features and other improvements.

The update started being reported by Samsung Members users yesterday. In a topic on the manufacturer’s forum for Brazilians, a person reported that the update is available for units sold at retail (ZTO). In addition, the update brings the One UI 4.1 interface, the same as the Galaxy S22.

Other reports of the update surfaced on the same day. Around 7:30 pm, a user posted a screenshot of the moment when the phone was downloading the new version of Android. In one topic, a person even expressed his happiness at seeing the update available: “I’M VERY HAPPY”, says the title of the publication.

How to update Galaxy M62 to Android 12?

How to update Galaxy M62 to Android 12?
The update will reach the Galaxy M62 via a notification. Upon receiving the warning, simply follow the instructions provided by Samsung and perform the update. But if the alert doesn’t appear on your phone, you can also check it manually:

Access the mobile settings;
Choose the “ Software Update” option ;
Tap “Download and Install”;
Wait for the scan to complete.
The smartphone will inform you if any updates are available. If so, just read and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen to install the new version of the operating system. It is also recommended to update with the smartphone connected to the charger and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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