Come on: Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is a social network subscription service that was made official in mid 2021, but is not yet available in Brazil. But this reality tends to change soon: traces of the novelty began to show their faces to Brazilian users in recent weeks, including the one who writes to you. Despite the appearance, it is still not possible to subscribe to the package with extra features of Twitter.

To refresh your memory, Twitter Blue marked its debut in June. At that time, the company announced the subscription service that adds features to edit tweets, separate bookmarks into folders, among others, for Canada and Australia. Possible prices for the package to Brazil were also revealed at the end of May.

The mention of the service appeared in my profile settings on Tuesday (21) and remains available this Friday (24). When accessing the settings via the web, there is the option “Twitter Blue” right below the “Your Account” menu. The button, however, still doesn’t work: when I click on it, I’m taken to the social network’s home page.

A similar situation happened with the technology director Thiago Ayub. In his profile on the 10th, he reported that the social network offered him both Twitter Business and Twitter Blue with “screens and messages” in Portuguese. But one of them was not yet functional and disappeared soon after.

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