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Home ยป CES 2023 brought a wide variety of products intended for use in smart homes. They can be controlled remotely or through pre-programmed commands

CES 2023 brought a wide variety of products intended for use in smart homes. They can be controlled remotely or through pre-programmed commands

Top smart home devices at CES 2023: Check out the most interesting smart products presented during CES 2023. A smart home is a type of home that incorporates various technology components to enable home automation and improve energy efficiency.

These components include remote control devices, sensors, smart speakers, smart security cameras, and smart heating and air conditioning systems, among others. These devices allow homeowners to remotely control the temperature, lighting, security, entertainment, and other functions of their homes.

The smart home concept was created in the 1990s when the first smart home devices began to be developed. Since then, technology has evolved rapidly, and smart devices have become increasingly popular, with millions of people using them across the world. Today, smart homes are capable of controlling virtually every aspect of a home, from temperature to security.

Main functions of smart homes

  • Automate household tasks: Smart homes allow users to automatically program and control lights, temperature, doors, windows, alarm, audio and video, and other devices inside the house;
  • Improve security: Smart homes can help improve home security with technologies such as surveillance cameras and motion detectors;
  • Save energy: Smart homes allow users to monitor and control energy consumption, helping them to save energy costs;
  • Remote control: Smart homes allow users to control home devices from wherever they are via their smartphones or other devices;
  • Health monitoring: Smart homes allow users to monitor their health, such as physical activity records, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

Top smart home devices at CES 2023

CES 2023 featured a lot of news regarding smart home products. As technology advances, smart homes are becoming more commonplace and CES 2023 will showcase some of the latest advancements in this area. Check out some of these devices and their main functions:

  • Artificial Intelligence Assistant Voice: This new smart home technology will enable users to make voice requests to control home devices like lamps, televisions, doors, and so on;
  • Task Performer Robots: Intelligent robots that help perform household tasks such as cleaning and food preparation;
  • Intelligent Security System: The new intelligent security system detects suspicious movements and will send alerts to devices connected to the network, as well as smartphones and tablets.;
  • Smart Health Monitor: The smart health monitor tracks users’ vital signs, such as blood pressure and stress level, and will alert users of any anomaly;
  • Connected Box: This connected box will allow users to control devices like lamps, doors, and windows using their smartphone or tablet;
  • Automated Lighting System: The new intelligent lighting system will allow users to automatically control the lighting in their home, adjusting the light according to the time of day.

These are just some of the smart home devices that were presented at CES 2023. With the advancement of technology, more and more smart devices and systems will be available to users soon.

In short, CES 2023 brought to the market numerous innovative products for smart homes, which enable the automation of household tasks, improve home security, save energy, and allow remote monitoring of various devices. These devices allow users to have greater control over their homes and increase the efficiency of their energy use.

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