Cana One is a beverage “printer” that promises to make coffee and drinks

Have you ever thought about a machine capable of “printing” coffee, tea, wine and other beverages with just a few clicks? This is the proposal of Cana One, “the first molecular beverage printer in the world”, according to the manufacturer Cana. In addition, the device promises to prepare drinks without relying on capsules in order to avoid polluting the planet.

The launch brings a proposal that bumps into B.blend. In case you are not aware, the Brastemp appliance can prepare drinks, soft drinks, juices and the like, in a very simple way. To do this, simply place the desired beverage capsule in the device, press a button, wait for the preparation and that’s it. Then just drink it.

Cana One, on the other hand, doesn’t need capsules to work. Unlike B.blend, Dolce Gusto and Nespresso, the “printer” only depends on a cartridge of ingredients that promises to even turn water into wine (seriously). In addition, the machine also prepares coffee, tea, juices and other types of drinks with alcohol.

How does Cana One work?

All this work is the result of extensive research. Cana said its team spent three years studying beverages at the molecular level. From this research, scientists have identified and isolated the specific compounds that drive the taste and aroma of thousands of beverages today.

The company explains that the scientists managed to create “the world’s first universal set of beverage ingredients”. This technology promises to recreate thousands of different drinks using a simplified grouping of ingredients. And that’s where the ingredient cartridge comes in, because it’s through it that the elements are taken to the water to “print” the drinks.

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