Bionicook, robot-operated Brazilian fast food

Bionicook has a very futuristic proposal: to be the first robot-operated fast food in the world. Now, the network created by a Brazilian is getting ready to expand across Brazil through the franchise model. In addition, interested parties will also be able to open new autonomous stores completely financed by BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development).

The action aims to expand the network’s presence in Brazil. This week, the company announced its new franchise model. According to the company, the units are ready for “24-hour operation”, have “24/7 remote monitoring” and a mix of products adaptable to the local culture of consumption. In addition, stores can be easily moved to other locations.

Another advantage is the financing of Finame, the Financing Fund for the Acquisition of Industrial Machinery and Equipment. When entering the model with the aid of the BNDES fund, interested parties will have up to ten years to pay the investment and a grace period of up to two years. Bionicook also offers a money-back guarantee during the grace period in the event that the franchisee withdraws.

“We are in a very strong fundraising process and looking for options to make it easier for new investors to be part of our project, which is 100% national,” said CEO Fabio Rezler. “With the partnership with BNDES, our franchisees do not need to have the money in hand and will be able to pay the financing with the profit of the operation.”

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