Apps to record calls on Android will be removed from the Google Play Store

Android phones can use third-party apps to record calls, in addition to some native solutions. Google , however, will put an end to apps that perform this function starting next month . This is what an update to the Google Play Store policy revealed this Wednesday (20) points out.

The notice comes from a document on the support page. In one of the sections, Google states that “ Accessibility API is not designed and cannot be requested for recording audio of remote calls” . Therefore, apps that use this feature to record calls will no longer be allowed on the Google Play Store.

The change is expected to take effect on May 11. Also, the update in the policy is only intended for 3rd party apps – that is, native solutions will not be affected . Content Operations Lead Moun Choi explained this change at a developer event.

The measure refers to the “audio recording of the call where the person on the other end does not know that the recording is taking place”. But, “if the app is the default dialer on the phone and is also preloaded”, the accessibility feature to access call audio is not needed. That is, the will not violate the new policy.

It is worth remembering that Google has discouraged the use of these apps for a few years . As noted by XDA-Developers , the company ended the official API for recording phone calls in Android 6. Afterwards, developers looked for alternatives, but the company reinforced the impediment in Android 9 and 10. Currently, applications use the API Accessibility feature to capture the audio of calls.

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