Android 12L for tablets comes to Raspberry Pi 4 thanks to custom ROM

The Raspberry Pi is a very versatile device, with support for various adaptations. In one of the most recent, a developer managed to make the device run Android 12L , a new version of Google’s operating system aimed specifically at tablets and foldables.

The work was done by XDA forum member KonstaT. He used an unofficial ROM of LineageOS 19.1 on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. LineageOS is a custom ROM based on Android.

The system is also compatible with the Raspberry Pi 400, which is a complete computer inside a keyboard .

As expected, the installation does not work perfectly. Video encoding and decoding with hardware acceleration , for example, is not ready.

Also, the official Raspberry Pi camera modules do not work properly with the image recorder or some standalone camera apps.

The Raspberry Pi already works well as a computer, and putting Android 12L on it doesn’t have much practical use, in addition to the bugs that the user is likely to face. Even so, it is still interesting to test the new system even without having to use a tablet.

You can boot using a microSD card or an external USB drive . The ROM comes without Google apps , but it is possible to install them with a GApps package.

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