AMD Driver Flaw Overclocks Processor Without User Asking

Bugs are part of the nature of any software , from the simplest to the most advanced. But some can be weird. This is the case of a recent glitch that affects AMD Radeon GPU drivers . Over the past few weeks, many users have reported that the issue changes their processor ‘s overclocking settings , unexpectedly and without permission.

How can graphics chip drivers modify a CPU ‘s settings ? The issue is still being investigated by AMD , but some analysts have found the most likely explanation.

This story began in September 2021, when the company added to its GPU drivers a function that makes overclocking simple but automatic on Ryzen processors. This is an option for those who don’t want to download a utility like Ryzen Master to do more complex overclocking and, therefore, more likely to make the computer unstable.

So, in mid-March of this year, the AMD Adrenalin Edition software package, which contains the drivers, was updated to version 22.3.1. Based on when reports of the problem started, it is assumed that this is the faulty version.

On Reddit , some users point out that the issue seems to manifest itself when overclocking profiles created with old versions of AMD Adrenalin are loaded. These profiles were generated before CPU overclocking was added to the drivers, but the latest version of AMD Adrenalin Edition does not take this into account and tries to modify the processor settings anyway.

The consequence? The user is faced with CPU overclocking settings applied against their will.

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