99 launches motorcycle taxi service

99 announced the debut of 99Moto this Tuesday (4). The service, which offers trips by motorcycle instead of car, is a more economical alternative and promises races up to 30% cheaper, according to the company. The novelty will be available in nine Brazilian cities and will reach more regions throughout the year.

The solution is an alternative to offer savings and more access to users. 99 informs that the alternative was designed for those impacted by the economic crisis, constant increases in fuel prices and inflation. “Since it is smaller and takes up less space, the motorcycle allows for greater flexibility in accessing less structured regions, a very common scenario in several cities across the country,” they said.

Races up to 30% cheaper for passengers enter the list of 99Moto’s main attractions. Part of this savings is concentrated in the low cost of purchasing the vehicle and lower fuel consumption. After all, according to the company, a liter of gasoline is capable of traveling up to 50 km.

99 motorcycle taxi service requires the use of a helmet

Wearing a helmet is mandatory. But, due to the pandemic, “the recommendation is that passengers use their own equipment”. The use of a mask is also required. The platform even has real-time monitoring via GPS, audio recording, route sharing and a button to call the police.

To use the service, the passenger must be over 18 years of age. Motorcyclists, on the other hand, must be 19 years old or older, have a definitive driver’s license with the observation “Exerce Remunerada Activity” (EAR) and comply with the legal requirements for the activity. “Promotionally, for the launch of the new category, the 99 will only charge a fee of 0.99% on the total value of the races in the first months”, they stated.

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